Shifting Consciousness about Solidarity


Consciousness is when you feel you're part of something big, something you can almost touch. Even if you can't entirely grasp it, you know it's there. It's also called solidarity.

We are shifting consciousness about what the purpose of Activism is... peace, because we strongly believe that terms like Peace, Peace movement, Peace Process and Activism are interchangeable terms. To manifest that, to provoke that, we create a movement, #Repeace, as an act of consciousness, which is different from traditional doctrine. By doing so, we shift consciousness about solidarity as well.

A new movement is about creating new consciousness, shifting and reshaping existing ideas. People in the Civil Rights Movement felt it, Occupy Wall Street, Solidarność, NODAPL, knew it, and so does every Anonymous or WikiLeaks supporter. They were / are part of an evolution of consciousness. Whether you are in it or not, a new movement is a unity of purpose, the strength of a unified will. It will always exist under a new name, a new purpose, and a new idea.

The entire Activism, is a huge consciousness. Activists are a massive movement of movements, global, beyond language or cause, race or religion, and it’s defined by our fears. There’s nothing wrong about the fears we feel when we act, protest or sign petitions. To the contrary, "we fear, means we are concerned," it helps us understand that we share the same emotion, when we act, It’s what connects us. That's what solidarity is about. Sadly, Activism, also called "Civil Society," is extremely divided and fragmented.

Repeace is the idea that the entire community of global activists realise peace, and not only the antiwar activists or the nuclear weapons deterrence movements, as currently presumed.

To correct a flawed thought, we define Activists as #Repeacers, and we give to the entire global community of activism, YOU, the opportunity to reclaim language and thought, a meaning of peace that stands in contrast with the policies that our governments are drafting and implementing and in strong contrast with the idea of peace they had in mind for humanity.

Clicking on the 3 commitments, creates a new consciousness, a new movement that is positive, non violent, massive, immune from detention, eviction, and critique by the main stream media, that loves to seek the complaints activists have against the ruling class.