Merging all Causes, Nations in Revolt.

Activists fight to relieve their own fears and the fears of others. They act because they're capable of empathy and feel compassion with the oppressed, the abused, the poor. Activism is a more evolved expression of what in Psychology is called the "Fight or flight response." Peace is simply an emotional relief. We feel it when we remove our fear, or the fear we project on any form of life.

At the core of all traditional organizations, "NGOs", petition sites, of any charity, lies this basic principle: peace is the purpose of social change, action. In this concept hides the secret to the missing unified will, the missing cohesion inside the "99%". This view and this approach inspired us to use it as a strategy to global unity, empowerment, to reclaim what is not working properly... Activism. Repeace does not exist to compete or preach how to do activism to organizations like AVVAZ,, PETA, MoveOn, Human Rights Watch or the ACLU. We wish to merge a divided Civil Society and do away with the problem of competition caused by a flawed approach and by the disruptive influence of competition. Humanity is about community, cooperation. Activism is currently not a community but a competitive institution that has become an industry. Unfortunately activists feel increasingly like a commodity.

Activism is the peace movement. The Antiwar movement was the "antiwar" thing. Sticking the whole ideal of peace in one cause was a mistake.

We created to solve conflicts, to prevent more fragmentation of our efforts. If "Imagine" is used as a strategy, then we believe that we need to imagine responsibility instead of peace, because it's more practical. We also wish to materialize a demand for it, globally, to produce something tangible. We're aware to come across as controversial, but the conflicts that prevent progress are actually inside a "crowd" of activism, that is not really a community. Sometimes waking up people, rattling the cage of complacency, means telling an inconvenient truth. In some ways, we're blowing the whistle, we're sharing a piece of information that is supposed to create radical change.

We can't find anybody, not one organization so far who wouldn't agree with the 3 repeace commitments, and disagrees on the principles that activism is a much more substantial peace process than any of the endless, phony, presumptuous and costly peace talks, drafted by our incompetent governments. Since that's the case, we have to use this existing principle to appeal to all causes and all human beings to capture their attention and try to build new forms of consent. New forms of consent are urgently needed to confront our authorities with something real, a petition, a demand, a peaceful protest, able to challenge their lies.

However, a commitment is not just needed from a humanity that needs to wake up and participate, but from all concerned entities, representatives, organizations, businesses, even governments.