Changing methods of Action


Activists and their leading thinkers, hope for more protests, online petitions against XYZ, occupations, raising awareness, strikes. They stand by traditional methods to impact change, because they think they work. They actually don't.

Leading thinkers and speakers inside the world of Activism, point to the many methods of dissent, i.e. protests, political movements, online communities, online petitions, occupying-camps (OWS, NODAPL), sit-ins, raising awareness, whistleblowing, vigils, flash-mobs, strikes, boycotts, civil disobedience, marches, hashtags, as the many means of impacting change. They say so because they are themselves involved in one of the many methods aimed at resisting oppression, and they are dependent on the attention and the income generated by their own work. They are dedicated to promoting the "conventional."

Activism is conventional, the normal way, and the normal has never revolutionized anything.

However, few dare to speak the truth... that the power structures, thanks to their lobbies, are way ahead of us, in knowing how to prevent movements, fight them, co-opting or dissolving them. Professor Rainer Mausfeld (here: at 29:00; German) is very thorough in laying out the establishment's strategies of preventing organized dissent, countering and disolving social movements, thanks to their excellent and meticulous studies of workers' movements (see Elizabeth A. Fones-Wolf, Steve Fraser). The 1% have done their homework. The 99%, on the other hand, are good at rehashing and explaining how the 1% are powerful at "conquering us." Ultimately, they keep being guilty of lack of imagination, because they haven't been able to mobilize the power of the masses in alternative ways, capable of revolutionizing the revolution.

It's not only high time, but there are good reasons to change our methods of action. Repeace offers a comprehensive strategy to reclaim control over language, internationally. Repeace wants to shift consciousness about what all social change has always been... the real "Peace Movement," a never ending "Peace Process," "Peace," actually.

As mentioned before, individuals engage in civil actions to relieve their FEARS, produced by a conflict. The purpose of Activism is always to relieve a conflict, any conflict. Repeace removes the focus from the myopic view of peace through the lens of wars (armed conflicts), and expands it to all perceived conflicts, that elicit apprehension.

Challenging traditional assumptions about what Peace, Peace Processes or Peace Movement are, is in and with itself a rebellious act

#Repeace is in itself a rebellious action against a myth, that activists perpetuate, against their own interests. This rebellious act is one of the methods of the overall #repeace strategy. 

The identity "#Repeace" is a necessary element, present in any planned movement to allow for the formation of solidarity. The term is the result of imagination and is simply dictated by logic (activists realize peace, all activism has been a Repeacement).

Shifting from protesting against XYZ, to standing for the values we share.

Next to strategically merging Activism and the Peace Movement as one thought, Repeace suggests to shift strategy from "fighting against issues" to "standing for values." A Repeace "movement" would be perceived as positive, proactive, immune from criticism. Repeace will transcend all the negative complaints to our institutions, our grievances, to focus on the values behind those grievances. The main issues concerning organized action are centered around the lack of consideration for a few main values. These values are international, hence the potential of massive support online, behind the 3 repeace commitments.

The values, ignored by our governments in the pursuit of self serving power and privileges, combined with profits for the few, are:

  • Responsibility (Accountability: to voters, society, humanity, Nature. Transparency: of action towards constituency);
  • Compassion (towards the less privileged and the small, local businesses and communities);
  • Sustainability (by pursuing a long list of unsustainable policies in energy, economy, taxes, food, education, healthcare, profits, foreign and domestic policies, that cause widespread conflicts of all types);
  • Freedom of Dissent (also Freedom of expression, as fundamental pillar of a free and truly democratic society and a human species without ideological, religious or racial borders).

Today's most important grievances can be seen as absence of one or more of the values listed values. The 3 repeace commitments are a strategic choice, a true non violent tool. Measuring them in such a designed, predominant way is simple method of building solidarity through massive consciousness and avoid physical confrontations with a state, that doesn't like objections.

Getting the attention of humanity in one virtual place means efficiently capturing the grievances of a humanity in need in the only place able to connect the minds of a planet, online.